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The Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB) released the first consultation on Unique Product Identifier (UPI) for OTC derivatives market

22 January 2021

Please check the link below to view the original publication on the Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB) website for the captioned consultation.


Background of the consultation: The Financial Stability Board (FSB) announced on 2 May 2019 the designation of the DSB as the sole service provider for the future Unique Product Identifier (UPI) system, performing the function of issuer of UPIs as well as operator of the UPI reference data library. The DSB is working towards providing UPIs for OTC derivatives in the second half of 2022 and published its first consultation paper on 11 January 2021 which seeks to obtain feedback from industry participants on the assumptions and proposals that will underpin the fee model for the UPI. The consultation paper provides an overview of key facts about the UPI including purpose, timelines, and governance and sets out key assumptions which include expectations of UPI adoption timelines, UPI creation estimates, expectations of alignment with other international data standards that are applicable to OTC derivatives. Respondents are welcome to access the consultation paper and register for the explanatory webinars via the same link provided above. The deadline for feedback to the consultation is 5pm UTC on 5 March 2021 and the responses should be directed to .

Last revision date:22 January 2021