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SWIFT WebAccess Service Provisioning on 7 Sep 2019

29 August 2019

Prior to Participants’ setup on production tentatively conducted in October – December 2019 and the implementation of the HKTR system enhancement for SWIFT WebAccess in February 2020 (see HKICL’s circular no. 2019/219B dated 9 July 2019 for more information), SWIFT will provision a new SWIFT WebAccess service for HKTR on 7 September 2019. The new SWIFT WebAccess service will co-exist without any impact on the existing SWIFTNet Browse services that serve the access to GUI function of the HKTR system.


Despite Members would not be affected by this setup according to SWIFT, TR Members may at their own discretion perform a health check by logging in HKTR via SWIFTNet Browse during the test window on 8 September 2019 (Sunday) from 13:00 to 17:00 HK Time. For any issues encountered during health check in the test window on accessing existing HKTR via SWIFTNet Browse, please contact SWIFT’s dedicated hotline (852 2852-8777, select option 2 for existing case and then key in the case number 11388550). Members could also contact SWIFT’s support via email at at any time.


If Members have any question in relation to this setup of the new SWIFT WebAccess service, please do not hesitate to contact your SWIFT account manager.
Last revision date:29 August 2019