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System Availability in Mar 2023

17 February 2023

With reference to the circular 2023/041 issued by the HKICL and the latest system maintenance schedule, we would like to remind all users that the service of HKTR will not be available in Mar 2023 in following periods:

Production Environment
- 05-Mar (Sun): 12:00-00:30 (Mon)
- 11-Mar (Sat): 09:00-24:00 (via FileAct only)
- 12-Mar (Sun): 00:00-20:00 (via FileAct only)
- 12-Mar (Sun): 12:00-00:30 (Mon)
- 19-Mar (Sun): 12:00-00:30 (Mon)
- 26-Mar (Sun): 12:00-00:30 (Mon)

Last revision date:17 February 2023