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Trade Linking

22 July 2015
Trade Linking

To help ensure the quality of the data of OTC derivatives transactions at the HKTR, and to facilitate TR Members to identify and resolve potential reporting errors, the HKTR system will identify, compare and link up records of a transaction reported by the TR Member on both sides of the transaction, and report on any discrepancies and missing records identified.

The HKTR system will make use of below key fields for linking, subject to availability and sequence:


 Unique transaction identifier – Unique Trade ID (UTI-TID)


 Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI)


 Confirmation Platform (CP) Identification and CP Trade Reference


 Bilateral Comments

If the above key fields are not available, matching and linking will be done based on the core economic details (linking and matching fields) of the reported transaction records.

Records of transaction conducted between a TR Member and a non-TR Member will not be linked and will be classified as single-sided transactions in the HKTR system.
Last revision date:22 July 2015